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Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate is a work consisting of a postcard stand and postcards / flyers depicting screenshots from films that were shot in Chania, my hometown and in which I participated as an extra and a fake reconstruction of my birthplace, Exarcheia in Athens.

It explores issues of property and ownership in order to figure out what can be considered personal when it becomes fungible. Issues of fungibility of the home as real estate and as backdrop, me recollecting shards / fragments of my personal history by taking back ownership of my image and the image of my neighborhoods, by ‘stealing’ / reappropriating the imagery and claiming it as my own : the image of my body as an extra, the image of my best friends’ pet appearing in the movie, his front door, the neighborhood I was born in and which has been shook by police brutality and murders since the 70s, now reappearing as a décor in an action blockbuster film containing riot scenes, apparently reconstructed in Tenerife. Trying to reconstruct a sense of personal history by taking back those images.

The format of the flyer is reconstructing the mental space of an invitation, the prop of an event, the event being sharing the recaptured reappropriated moments with the audience.


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