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03. PDA The Sailor - 05 Props Chocolate Shells Eaten (04b).jpg


Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

PDA#1 : The Sailor was a performance that took place during a residency alongside the Large Glass Department in Nida Art Colony, Lithuania.

It consisted in reciting a piece of poetry in Lithuanian I recorded during a street poetry performance we stumbled upon when arriving in Lithuania, in Klaipeda, as we were trying to adjust and figure out the language.Taking as a starting point a quotation from a student of Rebecca Solnits’ book “Field Guide on How to Get Lost” : “How will you go about finding the nature of that which is unknown to you ?” I decided to take the poem by the hand and let it guide me to the new place.

Without knowing what I am saying, I repeat the piece out loud while listening to the recording I made earlier, trying to emulate the sounds I am hearing, setting as the duration of the piece the time it takes for an insect repellent coil to burn. During the performance, I eat and share with the audience seashells made out of chocolate, copies of a seashell I found at a local tourist stall at our arrival, similar to those found in my hometown, also adding pepper and rose petals collected in the forest. At the end of the performance, I asked the audience to write back words they recognized in their language.

During this act of translation, by carrying the words in my mouth, without being preoccupied with their content, I want to pay an homage to the street poet and transmit his words further through an / unknown to him / collaborative game of exchange. In this as a guest, I am turning my mouth into a host, submitting my tongue to an act of humility and humiliation, and through phonetic approximations and slips of tongue I am trying to figure out the space that a visitor occupies while trying to speak someone elses’ language, slowly making my way into a common space of speech.

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