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BODY / SCREEN : Female Identities and New Media
Municipal Art Gallery of Chania
31.08 to 07.09.2012



We don’t see reality as ‘it’ is, but as our languages are. And our languages are our media. And our media are our metaphors. Our metaphors create the content of our culture...’
                                                                                                        Manuel Castells, The Rise of the Network Society

In the era of “Real Virtuality” the screen (women’s linen garment, in ancient Greek) interweaves the body, parasitizes it, monitors it, replaces it. Like the screen, the female body has also been considered - in feminist critique - a field of reception for projections and fantasies. Apart from being symbolic in the creation of gendered identity of the gaze, on a second level the screen functions as a field of action of the virtual, banishing the body from its cognitive field.
Against this exclusive and dominant relationship - we are invited, through art, to adopt a more playful perspective : in the words of J. Lacan : “Man, in essence, knows how to play with the mask as that, beyond which, there is the gaze. Here the locus of mediation is the screen.”
The screen as a place of mediation is therefore called to be negotiated upon by the artists of the exhibition, and the means they use to explore the complex relationship between body and screen are video projections, sound installations, conceptual works, digital art and a blog. The works were exhibited in the underground space of the Municipal Art Gallery and on the opening night a performance by Mary (Mary and the Boy, Dogtooth) was followed by the interactive live video and audio installation by A. Dinopoulou and Maria Papadomanolaki aka Dalot in the garden of the Gallery, on the second Full Moon of August.

To close, “the body-as-data, the screen body, is a body only metaphorically. The space between us---the “inbetween”---is destined to be filled by Aroma Rays, zodiacs of sparkling light (new colors!), abundance of fruits and flowers, aromas of gastronomic cuisine---and ultimately this space is destined to close, to heal”                                      Hakeem Bey, Seduction of The Cyber Zombies

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